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Web user research

Website traffic statistics can go a long way toward understanding how people are using your website and how they came to visit it in the first place. However, direct user research can provide you with far more detailed qualitative information that may uncover new opportunities to improve your site or its usability, as well as to address the 'why factor'.

Common examples of questions that web user research can solve include:

Implementing website user research

It may be that you have a specific problem to resolve, or you want to conduct some exploratory research to uncover new opportunities. In most cases your website user research will need to follow a number of stages:

Every stage of this process needs to be conducted in an objective and carefully controlled fashion if it is going to provide meaningful results. Two ways in which an online businesses can conduct effective research are:

How the Web Marketing Workshop can help

We work with a number of recommended partners to conduct different types of user research for our clients. We can therefore advise you on the best options to meet your objectives and budget available and we can help to implement the entire research project or provide consultancy at different stages.

If you feel you could be getting more from your website through a better understanding of your users, contact us now for more information or request our FREE marketing assessment.