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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Campaigns

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) offers your website an opportunity to advertise within the sponsored listings on pages served by the main search engines, whenever a user searches on a specific keyword related to your product or service.

Quite simply, you can buy your way to the top of the search results within hours and then pay a fee for every visitor that comes onto your website. PPC advertising is therefore a highly targeted online advertising tool and it is also a marketing sector that continues to grow rapidly as more and more companies come to realise how it can be a very cost-effective and measurable source of new business.

There are currently 2 major services offering PPC advertising in Australia:

Running a successful pay-per-click campaign

Pay-per-click advertising is becoming more competitive as an increasing number of companies compete for top positions on the main search results and consequently in some market sectors, only those with deep pockets can buy the best positions. However, used sensibly, a PPC campaign can be extremely effective for several key reasons:

Such campaigns also require close management, for a number of reasons, including:

How Web Marketing Workshop can help

At Web Marketing Workshop we have a wide experience of managing pay-per-click accounts for our clients, helping to take away the hassle and maximising the benefits of this often complex advertising medium. Our management service provides the following stages of work:

If you would like run an initial test PPC campaign for your website, or to find out more about this method of online advertising, please contact us now for more information. Alternatively, request our FREE marketing assessment to discover what other online marketing opportunities may exist for your site.