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Online marketing resources

Internet marketing resources to help build knowledge and understanding of online marketing techniques.The Internet has always been an excellent source of information on any subject you can think of and this is just as true in the business sector as any other. However, although finding information can be easy, finding good quality, reliable information can sometimes be more challenging.

We've compiled a collection of different resources in this section of the website to help you find out more about Internet business strategy and marketing techniques that may help your own knowledge, planning or implementation.

Firstly, you can check up on the latest news stories covering online marketing issues and search engine developments. Alternatively, read the Web Marketing Workshop’s own monthly newsletter to keep up-to-date with the latest marketing developments and opportunities. You can view previous issues of the newsletter online, or if you want to receive this as soon as it is published, simply submit your details to us from the contact page and remember to tick the newsletter box.

Next, try our summary of recent Internet usage research to get an understanding of behaviour and trends online, or read some recent press articles that may be relevant to your particular requirements.

Finally in this section, we provide book reviews on a selection of current and recent titles that can help develop your knowledge or understanding on running a business online and how to make the Internet work for you. If you want to read either a practical or academic guide to help your business, our summaries should help you to choose the best titles.

There is also a collection of useful links to other resources covering the Internet marketing sector, as well as a glossary of terms that you might come across.

If all these resources prove to be either too overwhelming, or not sufficient enough to answer your questions, then please contact us or request a FREE marketing assessment to see if we can help you with your specific requirements.