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Integrated marketing campaigns

‘Integration’ has become an overused term with regard to Internet marketing activities and it can be implemented with varying degrees of success. Internet marketing integration describes the process of combining all your online and 'offline' activities as closely as possible to produce the same creative imagery and message content to your target market.

Business integration should therefore be a core consideration in the overall marketing strategy of a company, and it will determine the ways that a website is designed and operates.

How your website can support an integrated marketing strategy

With online marketing now becoming in an important business channel for many companies, the website is central to an integrated marketing campaign. Examples of this can be:

As search engine marketing becomes a prominent way to attract new business to your website, you need to consider how search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising will present your business and then, what experience each website visitor will have once they come to your site. Other online marketing techniques will also be important in developing your branding on the Internet and you will need to understand how customer perceptions of your online business may differ from your existing offline business.

The Web Marketing Workshop can help you to identify ways to integrate your online development and marketing strategy with other parts of your business process. Contact us now to find out more, or request our FREE marketing assessment to get our perspective on your website and possible marketing opportunities.