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Email Marketing Campaigns

On face value, email marketing is a highly effective method of reaching a target audience. It's cheap, time specific, easy to personalise and measurable. Crucially it also pushes information to an audience. This attribute has also been its greatest weakness though, as it has encouraged the rise of 'spam', making it a real challenge now to connect with potential customers through email.

Email can be used to support a wide range of marketing activities including prospecting for new customers, promoting special offers and events, newsletters, customer service and market research.

Planning an effective email marketing campaign

Successful email marketing now often uses personalisation techniques to provide information that is more relevant to an audience and relies on the premise that a company has permission to contact an audience. Both of these concepts are crucial in differentiating your email as a worthwhile offering from the mass of spam coming into an inbox.

When planning an email marketing campaign you should also consider the following:

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How Web Marketing Workshop can help

We design and implement email marketing campaigns from start to finish and can therefore provide you with consultancy and support for your campaigns at various stages. For example, we can:

If you would like to discuss the planning and implementation of email marketing campaigns for your business, please contact us now for more information. Alternatively, why not request our FREE marketing assessment to discover what online marketing opportunities may exist for your site.