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Improving website functionality

Developing website functionality and an integrated marketing strategy is an important part of online business success.The functionality of a website describes the ways that it can provide content and tools that will benefit visitors to the site, or gives you advantages when managing it. This functionality can involve commonly accepted routines that online users expect, or it can involve new services that are only limited by imagination (or budgets!). For example, the ease of selecting and buying a product on e-commerce sites can reduce the number of failed sales, whilst the recognition of returning customers that can help to speed up repeat purchases is also important.

So what does your site need to do to provide a valuable service to users, and how can technology be used effectively to enhance the way the site works?

A search function on your website is essential if it contains a large number of pages or extensive content. You could also add a variety of tools to provide site users with services that solve their needs and will maintain the ‘stickiness’ of your site (its ability to attract users back, time after time). You can also add a secure zone for customers, whether to track their order progress or sales history, to access reports, or provide other unique services that create added value and can reduce offline administrative procedures.

Ways to enhance your website functionality

When you employ the Web Marketing Workshop to help develop your website, we will work with you to identify the opportunities to enhance the functionality of your site as part of your overall Internet marketing strategy, including:

There are probably many more ways that your site could be used to provide services with unique functions that will keep customers and other visitors coming back. In most cases, systems will be available to do this and it is only needs the ideas to exceed the users’ expectations!

Contact us now to discuss your website development and how improved functionality could benefit the marketing of your business online to give you a competitive advantage. Alternatively, request our FREE marketing assessment to get some ideas of how your business can take another step forward on the Internet.