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10 years of Search Engine Marketing

The first decade of Web Marketing Workshop, 2000-2010

A lot of changes have happened in the online world since we first launched Web Marketing Workshop in the UK in 2000. Ten years ago, online business was just starting to develop as a significant marketing channel, despite the dot.com boom and bust!

These are some of things that were happening a decade ago:

It's difficult to visualise how the online world will be in another 10 years but there's sure to be more significant changes in trends and market leading websites. You can keep up with the latest developments through our monthly newsletter, web marketing blog or Twitter account, and Web Marketing Workshop will be here for the next 10 years, supporting our customers to get the most from their online businesses.

To find out how your website can achieve the most from Internet marketing, please contact us now for more information or request a FREE marketing assessment on your website.